Adelaide Photo Booths - To Booth or not to Booth

A lot has been said about photo booths at events and for many years we assumed they were going to be a fad..... and WOW were we wrong. Middleton Events has seen them at thousands of events and they are now a standard inclusion, whilst providing guests an option to be entertained apart from dancing, and are an integral addition in the success of any event and provide another dimension of entertainment.


We've seen events with and without photo booths and one thing we can say is that they're here to stay and are interactive, entertaining, engaging and capture life long memories that will be treasured for years to come.


Guests generally are more engaged when a booth is booked and stay at events longer, as it's an exciting option and is a break from dancing and drinking.


So you've decided and agreed to hire a photo booth!


Selecting the right photo booth for your event is crucial. There are many booths to choose from and its imperative you do your homework and find the right booth that suits your budget. Not all booths are equal and are the same and they vary significantly. Some booths only capture shoulder and head shots, whereas the mirror booth is 1.5m high and provides options for full length body shots or close ups. The other advantage of the Mirror booth is your guests can see themselves in the mirror before your photo session commences and can delete bad photos before printing so guests get the best results. The home screen can also provide a personal animation like a photograph of a person/couple, or company logo or image. "It's all about the Quality of the Experience" and finding what's best suited for your event.


There are varying types of booth available and they range in price from $400 - $1500 and you pay for what you get. Here are some of the differing types of booths;


1. The most popular - Mirror Me Selfie Photo Booth

2. Open Booths

3. Closed Booths

3. Old School Passport Booths

4. Themed Photo Booths

5. Inflatable Booths


It comes down to personal choice and budget, however be mindful of exactly what you're paying for.

Here's a list of basic questions to ask your supplier;


  1. Will there be a professional uniformed attendant as a host to ensure guests are entertained and on site in the event of a technical issues, or the paper and film runs out?

  2. Do guests receive a copy of the photos and how many copies?

  3. Do I get unlimited photo sessions throughout the duration of the hire?

  4. Are the photos high resolution digital DSLR camera quality or grainy webcam?

  5. Are the photos strips or standard 6x4 photo size?

  6. Do I receive a Black Bound Photo Album as a guest book so guests can place a second photo in the album and write a nice message or comment for keepsake?

  7. Can guests text photos instantly to their phones for social media and take a printed copy home?

  8. Does the supplier have public liability insurance and all cable tagged and tested?

  9. Do I have access to all images electronically post event?

  10. Does your booth come with red carpet and bollards?

  11. What technical support do you provide in the event of equipment failure?


It's extremely important your supplier liaises with your events coordinator at your venue about bump in/out times and space allocation. You don't want your supplier bumping equipment in or out in front of your guests while your event is in full swing. Please also make arrangements to have an area of about 2 metres square and electricity available for the photo booth. Most suppliers are self sufficient and require no tables.


What are the most FAQ's by our clients?


Do our booths meet Australian standards? Are they Electrical, Fire, Building and Disable compliant?

Our booths have been designed by RedRobot Industries and have won engineering awards and meet all criteria for venue and clients. This includes the Electrical Code of Australia, Fire Ratings Standards, Building Code of Australia and the Disabilities Act. All cables have been tag and tested.


What size are the photos and how many can I print?

High quality DSLR camera 6 x 4 cm photos with up to 4 poses.  We don’t use low quality web cams or printers.  The term “Unlimited Prints” refers to unlimited visits can be made to the booth, and up to 5 prints can be printed at each photo session.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for events hosting over 200 people.


Can I use my own colours and logo on the templates?

Yes, we will customise your template design to suit your colour scheme, or include your company logo.


How much deposit do I need to pay?

We will require a $250 deposit within 7 days of your confirmed booking which will secure your date, with the balance due 2 weeks prior to the event.  You will be sent an invoice once the booking agreement is returned.


What do we do with the Leather Bound Album?

This is a great keepsake for you to see all the photos taken on the night.  Two copies of each photo are printed out, one for your guest(s) and the other copy is pasted into the album and your guests can leave you a written message next to it.


Are your booths electrically tested?

Our booths have been designed by RedRobot Industries and meet all the Electrical Code criteria for venues and clients.  All cables have been tag and tested.


How can we view the photos online?

All photos will be uploaded to an online storage site and will be password protected for your guests only.  They will remain on the site for up to 23 months after your event.


Public Liability Insurance?

Middleton Events is covered for up to $20 million Public Liability Insurance.


Do you need wifi connectivity?

Yes, we will need this for Mirror Photo Booth if you require social network uploading capability.


Middleton Events prides itself on exceeding expectations and ensuring that every detail has been taken care of for your event. Pre event planning is critical and at Middleton Events we leave nothing to chance. Once you've confirmed our services, you'll be sent an exclusive password for you to access your very own event planning site for your event. No more wayward emails, phone calls, lost messages, everything is in one place leaving no room for error! The portal allows you to log into your event where you can view all your event details, make changes if needed, update timelines, choose your template and photo wording, contact us, make payments, sign documents and much more...


All bookings are secured by and agreement with both the client and Middleton Events for complete peace of mind. We provide a 24/7 emergency number should you need to talk with us. Middleton Events will also provide full 24/7 back up and support in the event of illness or technical failure.


We wish you well during the planning stages, and we share your excitement, as it's a fun time. Our advisory service is free to you, so please call our office at any time and feel free to ask any questions or seek further advice via our email, or call us during office hours on 0400 416 991.


Happy Planning! …We LOVE what we do and it SHOWS!

Imogen Gilchrist

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