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DJ/MC Training Workshops

Elevate your Performance

Step into the Beat of Success with Creative Mastery! 

Are you a musician or DJ with a passion for creating unforgettable tunes but find the business side a bit overwhelming? Welcome to our DJ/MC Training Workshops. John Middleton understands that your mind thrives in the realm of creativity, yet even the most imaginative melodies need a structured promotion to resonate with your audience.

Harmony of Professionalism

In the music industry, a professional image is your greatest asset. While your physical appearance isn’t the spotlight, professionalism makes anyone an attractive entity. Let your talent shine, and our workshops will guide you in creating a brand that resonates with promoters, clients, and your audience alike.

Invest in ‘The Better You’

It’s time to amplify your personal and professional growth. The desire to be the best version of yourself is the driving force behind our workshops. Fun, challenging, and immensely rewarding, our programs guarantee a transformation. Once we’ve identified your personal style, brand, and elevated your performance, there’s no turning back to the old you.

Tailor Your Training Journey 

Your path to success is in your hands. Our training is entirely customisable—choose as many modules as you want and opt out at any time. Whether you’re a budding artist, an established figure, or comfortably nestled in a creative cocoon, your progress as a business owner hinges on your dedication, commitment, and attitude toward personal development.

Embrace ‘The Better You’

As you navigate challenges in our workshops, each hurdle is an opportunity for growth. Creative Mastery eagerly anticipates witnessing your metamorphosis into ‘The Better You’—a business-savvy, creatively inspired entrepreneur ready to conquer the world of music.

Join Us Today and Craft Your Sonic Success Story! 


“While I’ve made mistakes in promoting, I would like to share a few guidelines and tips that I have found tremendously helpful in promoting myself as a Professional DJ, MC and Marriage Celebrant.

Though I knew promotion was an essential marketing tool, like many musicians, performers and entertainers, I cringed at the very word. I wanted publicity, but my idealism and ignorance persuaded me that musical talent alone would birth my career. This belief was irrefutably untrue. I will personally show and offer suggestions to your own particular situation and you should see results immediately.

John Middleton

DJ/MC, Celebrant and Entertainment Director