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Workshops and Mentoring – ‘The Better You’

Unlock Your Full Potential with “The Better You” Mentorship Program by John Middleton!

Feeling stressed and frustrated while trying to level up your skills and take your business to new heights? You’re not alone we have the Workshops & Mentoring programs to elevate your performance. Many of our clients were once in the same position, seeking growth and skill development to enhance their businesses. They’ve experienced remarkable results through the insights and proprietary knowledge shared by mentor John Middleton.

Why Choose “The Better You” Workshops & Mentoring Program?

John Middleton’s training and mentoring program is tailored for small independent business owners and those planning events. If you’re looking for answers, striving for personal and business growth, and aiming to become “The Better You,” our courses are designed just for you!

Key Elements of “The Better You” Workshops & Mentoring Program

  1. Platform and Plan for Sustainable Growth: Gain a solid platform and a comprehensive plan for sustainable growth, both personally and in your business.
  2. Access to Training, Tips, Tricks, and Tools: Get access to a wealth of training resources, insider tips, tricks, and essential tools to support your journey to becoming “The Better You.”
  3. Help and Advice When Needed: Receive guidance and support when facing challenges or hitting roadblocks. Mentor John Middleton is here to assist you every step of the way.

Why Choose John Middleton as Your Mentor?

With over 37,500 events of experience, John Middleton is committed to helping you elevate your skills and business to new heights. Whether through one-on-one sessions or group interactions, John shares his life’s work and knowledge to empower you and your business for unparalleled success.

Get Ready to Grow and Succeed!

If you desire change and are ready for success, “The Better You” Workshops and Mentoring Program is your pathway to personal and business growth. Join us, and let’s unlock your full potential together!

Contact us now to kickstart your journey to becoming “The Better You”!

DJ/MC Workshop

DJ/MC Workshop

The Better You

This workshop will demonstrate how you can become a Professional DJ/MC and place yourself in the best position for high demand in your market.

This course covers everything form music selections, transitions to mixing. We’ll demonstrate the step by step process in finding your brand, re- training your voice and enabling you to deliver in sensational style. 

Emcee Workshop

Emcee Workshop

The art of public speaking

This module will demonstrate the step by step process in finding your brand, re- training your voice and enabling you to deliver in sensational style.

You’ll be guided of exactly what to do and say the moment before and when you arrive at your venue, to delivery all your scripted introductions, voice overs, through to all timelines, procedures and formalities.

Celebrant Workshop

Celebrant Workshop

Elevate your business

Take your Celebrant business to the next level and elevate your performance. We know you’re a good celebrant, however we can make you a great celebrant!

We’ll put you through voice coaching lessons, re-train your voice, teach you how to be a superstar MC and guide you through the process of finding your personal brand, building your business to new heights.

Event Planning Workshop

Event Planning Workshop

Tips, Tricks and Advise

Save time, money and have the event of your dreams.

We’ll guide you through the quote process, negotiations with suppliers, review agreements, ensure you are covered against Covid restrictions and lockdowns, mitigating risk, ensure all suppliers are insured, have public liability insurance and provide risk assessment policies along with appropriate licenses.