Fireworks & Dry Ice Prices

Adelaide Dry Ice Hire and Fireworks

Fireworks & Dry Ice Prices

Approved Sparklers by Work Safe Australia and Adelaide’s leading venues

A Spectacular First Dance – Dancing on aCloud

Transform your event into a mesmerising spectacle by incorporating our Fireworks & Dry Ice. Elevate the ambiance of your celebration with these enchanting features. Furthermore, select the ideal package that suits your event seamlessly from our diverse offerings and take advantage of our affordable Fireworks & Dry Ice prices.

To ensure a flawless experience, we are committed to excellence. From the delivery and setup to the packing down of all equipment, our dedicated team allows you to concentrate on enjoying the festivities. In addition, access our comprehensive Risk Assesment/Work Safe Method Statement and Public Liability Certificate ensuring transparency and compliance with safety standards.

Rest easy as we prioritise safety throughout every step. Understanding the significance of adhering to safety protocols, our documentation reflects our unwavering commitment to providing a worry-free experience for you and your guests.


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At the last minute when I decided I wanted to surprise my bride with the Dancing on a Cloud package, John made himself available and was so amazing to deal with.

Couldn’t have imagined our reception entrance or first dance without fireworks shooting up to the roof and dry ice pooling around us while we danced. Magic.

Jack Trudgen