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You’re now one step closer to an unforgettable event and we thank you for supporting Middleton Events!

We’re overjoyed to share in the celebration with you. To ensure the smooth processing and recording when you’re processing your payment, kindly enter your card details and billing address. Receipts and statements will be sent via email, and the payment will be logged against your event in the planning portal for your reference.

We provide various secure payment methods for your convenience, and rest assured, we do not store any credit or debit card details. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Once again, thank you for your payment! We eagerly anticipate collaborating on creating an unforgettable event together!

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Payments

Please refer to your booking agreement/quote for our bank details. Once payment is received, we will send a receipt of payment and update your planning portal. No fees apply!

Cash Payments

This is your total price less 10% discount for ‘CASH’ payment, upfront and in full within 7 days of this quote. Discount does not apply for events booked within 6 weeks notice, lead time to your event. If you prefer to pay in cash, please click here to select a suitable time for you to meet in our office. Receipts and statements will be provided.

Stripe/Credit Card Payments

To make a payment over the phone using a credit card, please call our office on 0400 416 991. Alternatively, click here to process online. Please note that a 2.5% surcharge will apply for stripe and credit card payments.