John Middleton Marriage Celebrant MC

Awarded South Australia’s Best Celebrant

John Middleton Marriage Celebrant MC

Awarded South Australia’s Best Celebrant 2024 – The Advertiser Newspaper
John Middleton MC Celebrant

John Middleton crowned South Australia’s Best Celebrant of 2024

Helping people through the “best day of their lives” is what drives John Middleton’s love for being a celebrant. The owner of Middleton Events said being crowned South Australia’s best celebrant of 2024 – as voted by subscribers of The Advertiser – is something he’ll never forget.

Transforming Traditions – John’s Unique Approach to Ceremonies

Embark on a wedding journey like no other, guided by John’s innovative and award-winning approach. Recently crowned The Advertiser Newspaper Best Celebrant SA 2024, Best Celebrant and Events Company in SA and World’s Best Events and Entertainment Company 2024. John brings an unparalleled level of expertise to your special day. With over 400+ 5-star verified reviews, couples can trust in an extraordinary experience from start to finish.

Infusing Energy and Humour

Picture a ceremony that transcends the ordinary, where joyous laughter mingles with heartfelt moments. John, with his renowned radio voice, injects boundless energy and humour into your celebration, creating an atmosphere that is both engaging and unforgettable. His accolades speak volumes, making him the perfect choice for couples seeking a ceremony that defies expectations.

Legal Essentials – Beyond the Basics

While meeting the legal essentials, John transforms the ceremony into a personalised experience tailored to your dreams. Beyond the expected formalities, envision a celebration uniquely yours, reflecting your vibe and setting the stage for the next chapter in your love story. This is more than a legal requirement, it’s the beginning of your extraordinary journey together.

Curating Love Stories with Passion

John isn’t just a celebrant, he’s a masterful storyteller, curating your love story with precision and genuine passion. Each word resonates with meaning, turning your ceremony into an unforgettable chapter in the book of your lives. With a commitment to excellence, John ensures your love shines brightly on your special day.

Seamless Transition to MC – The Celebration Continues

As the ceremony concludes, the celebration seamlessly transitions under John’s expert guidance. Imagine an MC with an impressive array of awards, and is also regarded as Australia’s most awarded MC. John’s radio voice takes center stage, weaving the reception into a cohesive and unforgettable celebration. From Best Celebrant to Master of Ceremonies, John ensures a seamless and memorable experience throughout your wedding day.

John has been amazing throughout the wedding from the moment he grabbed the microphone to initiate the ceremony all the way till the last song he played as a DJ.

What an incredible experience with a 5 star review not just from me, but literally all the guests that attended our wedding.

If you are looking for a flawless and truly amazing wedding DJ/MC/Celebrant, please look no further. I can 100% guarantee that it will be the most memorable and amazing evening one can ever ask for.

Thank you for guiding us throughout the planning process John. Thank you for driving all the way from Adelaide to officiate our event in Melbourne! You make it look so seamless and we definitely had the best night ever hands down!

Thank you John, definitely one of the most talented individual I’ve ever met.

Iman and Zoe

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John surpassed all expectations in making our fusion wedding an unforgettable celebration. His expertise shone through during the ceremony, seamlessly blending Indian and Australian traditions. Our guests couldn’t stop raving about the thoughtful touches and unique ideas John brought to the table, ensuring everyone felt a part of the special day.

What truly set John apart was his commitment to personalisation. He not only crafted a ceremony that reflected our cultural blend but also suggested creative ways to include our important family members. This attention to detail made the ceremony a heartwarming experience for everyone present.

Moving on to the reception, John transformed it into an absolute vibe. His DJ skills were on point, curating the perfect playlist that kept the dance floor alive throughout the night. The atmosphere he created was nothing short of magical, and our guests were immersed in the joy of the celebration.

We genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better person to bring our dream wedding to life. John’s passion, professionalism, and dedication made every moment memorable. We are sincerely appreciative of his outstanding contribution to our special day and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking an exceptional wedding experience.

Stephanie and Mudit

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