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Elevate your wedding celebration with our seasoned ‘A-Listed Wedding DJs & MCs, ensuring an unforgettable event with seamless handling of formalities.


Crafting Your Custom Playlist

Collaborate with us in crafting a custom playlist that mirrors your style, encapsulates your love story, and resonates with your guests throughout the celebration.

Live Percussion Magic

Add an enchanting touch of magic to the dance floor with live percussion, featuring instruments like bongo and saxophone, elevating the festivities.

Ask the DJ: Interactive Music Experience

For an interactive music experience, engage your guests with Ask the DJ! – an online feature allowing real-time song requests and comments to be sent to our Dj software. Simple scan our cards on each table and send a shout and request a song, guaranteeing a vibrant and lively dance floor.

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Pre-Event Guests Request System

Empower guests worldwide to actively contribute to your wedding day playlist through our unique URL in the event planning portal with the Pre-Event Guests Request System.

Let’s Create Musical Magic Together

Guide your wedding music journey with Middleton Events for the perfect atmosphere. Explore, request, and let the melodies paint the canvas of your celebration.

Visit Our Sample Music Database

Delve into our extensive music database; if you can’t find it there, we’ll source it for you. With unlimited content, we ensure an extraordinary wedding day playlist. Note: The sample music database is just the beginning; we have limitless content for an exceptional event. 

We were so lucky to get John himself as our MC and DJ on the night, and John, you were fantastic! So professional allowing the night to run smoothly, all the while keeping the dance floor full!

Honestly, you could work in radio with your voice!!! 

John and the team are up-to-date with the times, allowing songs to be requested by QR code at tables, as well as the traditional “Ask the DJ” requests.Thanks again, John!

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Your Exclusive Online Planning Portal

Effortless Event Planning with Middleton Events!

Unlock stress-free planning with Middleton Events through your dedicated online portal, offering a host of features:

Countdown Clock

Keep track of the time leading up to your event, ensuring you are well-prepared for the big day.

Speeches, Planning Forms and Timeline Planning

Organise speeches, fill out your questionnaires to ensure we have all the crtical information and create detailed timelines to ensure a smooth flow of events.

Music Planning Made Easy

Enjoy the freedom to choose the style and genre of music you and your guests will love.

Explore our online music sample database, featuring the top 30 special dances, introduction songs, the top 200 most requested songs, and the top 30 songs from every decade.

Add your own song preferences and discover the most downloaded tunes on Shazam, Tik Tok and Apple Music.

Pre-Event Guest Request System

Empower your guests to be a part of the musical journey with our unique URL. They can access the event planning portal, browse the sample music database, and submit requests from anywhere in the world. You stay in control, receiving notifications within seconds to tailor your playlist to perfection.

Vendor Contacts

Maintain a comprehensive list of vendor contact details, facilitating seamless communication.

Real-time Updates

Share event details in real-time, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.

Secure Payments

Effortlessly make payments with a click of a button, keeping track of financial transactions.

Email Records

Keep a detailed record of all emails exchanged, ensuring clarity in communication.

Check Out Our Online Portal DEMO

Experience the convenience and features of our online planning portal and guest request system with a demo. Log in using the credentials:

    • Username: planningportal
    • Password: medemo