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Wine Options Game Show

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Wine Options Game Show – Elevate Your Wine Tasting Experience

Calling all wine enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a unique and engaging way to explore new wines, Middleton Events’ Wine Options Game Show is the perfect experience for your next lunch or dinner. We’ve transformed the typical wine tasting event into a captivating journey filled with mind-bending questions, games, and friendly competitions.

Key Features

Elevated Experience: We combine the enjoyment of wine with mind-bending questions, games, and competitions for an unconventional and unforgettable experience.

Perfect Blend: Music and laughter are seamlessly woven into the evening, ensuring an educational yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Wine Selection

Our host collaborates with the client to select four different types of wines, including two local, one interstate, and one international wine.

Wines are poured behind the scenes and served according to schedule.

Entertaining Games

Two glasses of white wine are served after the entrée, and games begin before the main course.

Guests use our unique “handy” system to answer multiple-choice wine-related questions.

Through elimination, a winner is determined, earning immediate entry into our Wine Options challenge.

Music and Laughter

Background jazz or contemporary dinner music creates a delightful ambiance throughout the evening.

A DJ takes over after the game concludes to keep the party going.

Educational and Enjoyable

Guests not only taste exquisite wines but also learn about their backgrounds and unique characteristics.

The interactive nature of the event keeps guests engaged and entertained.

Balanced and Memorable

Crafted with techniques to ensure a balanced and memorable experience, combining entertainment with valuable insights.

Inclusions in the Package

  • Entertainer/MC
  • Electronic big screen scoreboard
  • Questions and all pre-production
  • Props, answer forms, and all sound and production equipment.

Host Your Unforgettable Event

Wine Options Game Show is designed for maximum entertainment and results.

Gather your friends for an evening of fine food, great company, and unforgettable moments.

Ideal for Various Events

Perfect for Sporting Clubs, Conference Groups, Service Organizations, or Social Clubs.

Lasts approximately 1.5 hours, with the DJ providing music to keep the party going.

    Entertainment/Volume: 100%

    Get ready to elevate your wine tasting experience with Middleton Events’ Wine Options Game Show. We can’t wait to host your next unforgettable event! 🥂

    “Your confidence in leading a team and meeting deadlines, along with the recognition received through awards is testament to your management style, professionalism and your expert knowledge of the Audio-Visual, Events and Entertainment industry.

    I would highly recommend your services to others.”

    Leslie Woods AMM

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