Navigating the Wedding Planning Journey: Key Considerations

Early Bookings with Wedding Specialists

Make your bookings with wedding specialists well in advance to secure your preferred suppliers and services. Early planning is crucial for a seamless wedding day.

Due Diligence and Written Agreements

Checklist Preparation
  • Create a checklist of questions and important items to discuss with your supplier.
  • Conduct due diligence by checking reviews and references to ensure the supplier is the right fit for you.
Written Agreements
  • Enter into a written agreement with your supplier for a fair and reasonable arrangement.
  • Inquire about contingency plans in case of hiccups or accidents on the day.
  • Middleton Events offers exclusive ‘Guarantees of Service’ for added peace of mind.

Wedding Preparation Checklist

Timing and Arrival
  1. Clearly state arrival and ceremony start times on invitations to encourage punctuality.
  2. Delegate tasks to friends and family; be clear in your directions and relinquish responsibility.
  3. Finish preparations a day or two before the wedding to allow time for relaxation with family and friends.
Special Wedding Day Tips
  1. Rest and Relax: Pamper yourself on the wedding day, enjoy activities like a beach walk, surfing, golf, or a massage.
  2. Ensure you eat breakfast and lunch to maintain energy levels, avoiding alcohol before the ceremony.
  3. Arrive on time to create a sense of sacredness and respect for the commitment being made.

Traditional Arrival Guidance

  • For the groom: Allow time to greet guests (about 15 – 20 minutes).
  • For the bride: Arriving traditionally, take moments to make eye contact with guests and your beloved. Breathe, relax, and enjoy the ceremony.

Taking Time Out

Being Together
  • Take breaks from wedding planning to be together and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Before the ceremony, go for a short walk or find a quiet room to share a private hug, ensuring you both feel present.
Mingling First
  • Consider mingling with guests before the ceremony, providing opportunities for private moments.
  • Ensure someone in the bridal party has a tissue or handkerchief available, especially on hot days.

Music Selection and Children’s Entertainment

Music Choices
  • Choose music special to both of you for different parts of the ceremony.
  • Delegate music management to someone confident and relaxed, ensuring familiarity with the equipment.
Children’s Involvement
  • Plan fun activities for children, such as bubble blowing.
  • Nominate a special carer for children, providing drinks, snacks, and a plan in case they need attention during the ceremony.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

If your wedding is outdoors, always have a back-up plan ready to minimise stress in case of unexpected weather changes.

Remember the Essence of Your Union

In the midst of wedding planning, remember the reason you are getting married. Keep communication open, discuss expectations, and work together to overcome challenges.