Sparkular Sparkle Fountain: Elevating Your Event with Indoor Fireworks

Discover the allure of Sparkular Sparkle Fountains, a captivating addition to the events industry, in high demand for Weddings, Birthdays, Product Reveals, Conferences, Conventions, Fashion Parades, and Stage Performances. Addressing the key concern – are they safe? The answer is a resounding YES!

Safety and Compliance

Cold Sparks, produced by the Sparkular system, are 100% safe for Indoor or Outdoor use. Perfect for various occasions, these sparks are compliant with safe work methods, recognized by Worksafe as non-pyrotechnic, eliminating the need for permits. Middleton Events offers Risk Assessment and a Material Safety Data Sheet for your venue if required.

Imagine the Spectacle

Envision a spectacular fountain of Indoor firework sparkles illuminating your entry, cake cutting, first dance, departure, or enhancing a product launch, conference, or stage performance. Our Sparkler indoor fountains deliver this stunning effect without traditional pyrotechnic risks – no fire, no heat, no smoke, and no mess.


The Sparkular system offers a dynamic, non-hazardous effect resembling traditional fireworks. Key features include:

  1. Safe Composition: Uses granulated alloy, eliminating the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques.

  2. Versatility: Duration and height of the effect can be varied, creating sequences of ‘dancing’ sparks for audience entertainment.

  3. Advantages Over Traditional Methods:

    • No hazardous materials transport or storage.
    • Much safer with no large safety zones required.
    • Usable where fireworks and pyrotechnics are prohibited.
    • Cost-effective with up to 15 minutes of effect from a single powder refill.
  4. Low Smoke Output: Minimal environmental impact.

  5. Efficiency: Reduced rigging time and crew requirements compared to traditional pyrotechnics.

Safety Assurance

Safety is paramount with Sparkler Fountain System, operating at cool temperatures, ensuring non-flammable sparks. Built-in safety protocols and control capabilities guarantee responsible use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this system safe? Yes, Sparkler Fountain System is the safest way to achieve effects, 100% compliant for Indoor or Outdoor use.

How long does it take to set up? Quick setup – a single machine in minutes, a line of machines in under an hour.

How does the cost compare to traditional effects? Significantly more cost-effective and reusable compared to traditional fireworks.

Can I program the system for my event? Absolutely, fully programmable for timing, synchronization, and automation.

Can one controller manage multiple units? Yes, control up to 18 units with a single standard controller or upgrade for up to 54 units.

Cold Sparks: Thermographics Don’t Lie

Experience the magic of Cold Sparks, 100% safe, adding the WOW factor to your event. Consult with Middleton Events today for an unforgettable experience.

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Happy Planning!