Finding the Right Volume: Striking a Balance

Venue Considerations and Restrictions

Unreasonable Venue Restrictions
  • Entertainers often face challenges with unreasonable venue restrictions on music volume.
  • Concerns arise when parents and grandparents are seated close to the music, while younger guests are positioned farther away, creating noticeable volume differences.

Insights from an Audiologist

Maximum Safe Levels
  • Audiologist Elise Champion emphasises the maximum safe level of dB for any entertainment venue, which is 115 dB.
  • Caution against pushing music to the maximum, considering the impact on staff and the overall sound environment.
  • Sound intensity and its physical force contribute to the noise environment.

Emerging Trends in Venue Control

Trend in Volume Control
  • Some Adelaide venues are excessively controlling volume levels, impacting the atmosphere and vibe at events.
  • Instances of venues installing substandard in-house PAs that do not meet professional standards.

Managing Compliance and Expectations

Compliance Challenges
  • Venues have compliance concerns around contractors coming onsite, especially those with specific liquor license restrictions.
  • Middle Events acknowledges compliance but highlights the importance of disclosing restrictions before booking, not after, to avoid dampening the party spirit.

Addressing Volume Levels: A Perspective

Perspective on 90dB Volume
  • Discusses the view around some venues setting a maximum volume of 90dB.
  • Provides perspective by comparing it to a whisper (30dB), normal conversation (60dB), and a motorcycle engine running (95dB).
  • Highlights Middleton Events’ policy of playing around 100dB for optimal party experience, equivalent to a lawn mower or an outboard motor.

Recommendations for Clients

Venue Discussions and Recommendations
  • Encourages clients to address volume concerns with the venue before booking or at least before the event.
  • Advises clarifying expectations and ensuring that venue restrictions are communicated upfront.
  • Emphasises the use of Bose sound equipment by Middleton Events to optimise performance without excessive sound levels.

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