Guiding You Through the Reception Planning Process

Middleton Events, with its vast experience of hosting over 16,000 weddings, is here to assist you in planning the perfect reception. Utilising this wealth of experience, we offer a comprehensive ‘Wedding Reception Planning Guide’ to provide insights into the procedures and formalities involved in creating an unforgettable reception.

Tailoring the Reception Guide to Your Needs

Recognising the uniqueness of each wedding, Middleton Events presents a “Suggested Wedding Reception Planning Guide.” This guide is adaptable, allowing for the addition or removal of events based on your preferences. Coordination between your MC/DJ and Banquets Manager is emphasised for a seamlessly executed service.

Essential Forms: Ensuring Smooth Coordination

Completion of the ‘Timeline Form’ and ‘Other Professionals Form’ is crucial for effective coordination. These forms facilitate communication between all involved parties, ensuring that food, service, and entertainment run smoothly without delays or stress. Detailed comments and contact numbers enhance communication efficiency.

Liaising with Other Professionals

Middleton Events’ DJ/MC takes on the responsibility of liaising with all professionals involved in your wedding. With a commitment to ensuring the best outcome and experience for you, Middleton Events works tirelessly to align every element according to your preferences.

The Reception Format: A Common and Effective Approach

Presenting a ‘typical’ Wedding Reception format derived from extensive experience, Middleton Events suggests an effective structure. Keeping guests engaged and ensuring a lively atmosphere are primary considerations after the formalities are concluded.

Mirror Photo Booth: Strategic Timing

For optimal use of the Mirror Photo Booth, it’s recommended to book it 30 minutes after guests enter and 30 minutes before their departure. This strategic timing prevents interference with formalities and ensures an efficient hour of operation.

Before Dinner: Setting the Stage

The MC/DJ plays a crucial role before dinner, guiding guests to their seats and introducing themselves to the bridal party. Formal introductions and entrances are orchestrated with song cues of your choice, establishing a captivating atmosphere.

Cake Cutting and Photographs: Capturing the Moment

The MC/DJ announces the Cake Cutting, allowing guests to take photographs after the official photographer captures the moment. This occurs while the cake is generally dessert, providing an opportunity to clear the kitchen for dessert preparation.

Cocktail Reception: Managing Formalities

For cocktail receptions, careful planning is essential. Introducing the bridal party, proceeding with cake cutting, and initiating speeches can be strategically arranged to set the tone for a lively party, with the first dance marking the official start of the celebration.

Entree and Main Course: Balancing Speeches

Speeches can be separated and commenced after entree, with the option to complete them after mains are cleared. This flexibility accommodates varying speech lengths and preferences.

Dessert, Tea, and Coffee: Timing Matters

The MC/DJ coordinates dessert service, ensuring it aligns with the overall flow of the event. Strategic timing before or after the first dance enhances the mood and atmosphere.

First Dance: A Magical Moment

Dimming lights, preparing special effects, and orchestrating the first dance mark a magical moment. The MC/DJ ensures a smooth transition from formalities to dancing.

Party Time: Filling the Dance Floor

Once formal songs are completed, your DJ/MC takes charge, maximising your music selections and maintaining a lively atmosphere.

Bouquet/Garter Toss: Fun Traditions

The MC/DJ orchestrates the bouquet and garter toss, injecting fun traditions into the celebration, followed by more dancing.

Exit/Archway Departure: Coordination for Departure

The MC/DJ announces the last dance and coordinates the departure of the newlyweds, playing your chosen exit song approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of the reception.

Closing Time: Wrapping up the Celebration

As the booked time concludes, guests must leave to avoid overtime charges. Middleton Events provides this guide as a flexible framework, ready to adapt to your specific plans, ensuring a joyful and stress-free wedding celebration. For further discussion or assistance, feel free to contact our events team at any time.

Final Words of Encouragement

Middleton Events wishes you well in the planning stages, expressing shared excitement for the upcoming celebration. Enjoy the planning process, utilise our online planning tools, and don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or answers to any questions. Happy planning, and we look forward to celebrating with you!