As you’re about to go through one of the biggest changes in your life, you’ll need to take time whilst planning, to discuss the legal stuff with your partner. It’s important you make an effort to talk about your future together and how things will evolve as you commence your new life together. Below are some links to help you think about the issues you might want to look at.

These links are useful for Change of Name, Application for Certificate of Marriage, Online Family Counselling, finding an Interpreter and DFAT travel information and updates.

Births, Deaths and Marriages –

Family Relationships Online –

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters –

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade –

Prenuptial Agreements – are a binding legal agreement between a couple, agreeing as to how they will divide their property if they were to separate. These may be signed prior to marriage or during the marriage. It is not just movie stars who sign these agreements. Usually though, one party has significantly more assets than the other party and is trying to protect these. There are many arguments for and against such agreements. There are also very strict legal requirements to be observed and you must see a lawyer.

Wills and Probate – starting out together on your new path, it’s important to sort out your Will. Be careful not to fall into the the trap of a Will Kit. Lawyers do not recommend that anyone uses a Will Kit. They are very expensive ink and paper. Lawyers do not charge for ink and paper. They charge for their advice, their skill after many years of experience of writing trouble free Wills and making sure that everything is right. Will Kits make a lot of money for lawyers as there are so many problems with home-made Wills after people die.

Should you need legal advice, contact a lawyer. Please choose your lawyer carefully and you can find a Lawyer at:

We wish you well during the planning stages, and we share your excitement, as it’s a fun time.

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