Top 5 Mistakes When Booking Entertainment

When it comes to booking entertainment for your event, avoiding common mistakes is crucial for ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are the top 5 mistakes to steer clear of:

Mistake #1: Choosing the Budget Option

Synopsis: Opting for a friend’s relative or a distant connection as a DJ or entertainer because they offer a lower price may seem tempting. However, the success of your entire event hinges on the entertainer’s skills. Investing a bit more can be the difference between guests leaving early and a lively dance floor until the event’s end. Prioritise expertise and good planning for a stress-free and enjoyable night.

Mistake #2: Relying on Spotify Playlists

Synopsis: While having a preferred music genre is important, relying solely on a set playlist without room for requests can lead to a lackluster atmosphere. DJs who fail to read the crowd and adapt can result in guests disengaging. Maximise dance floor participation through careful planning, diverse selections, and incorporating online guest requests for your approval.

Mistake #3: Trusting Unverified Recommendations

Synopsis: Booking a supplier recommended by a friend of a friend without proper research can be risky. Countless events have been marred by unprofessional operators who either don’t show up or fail to meet expectations. Do your due diligence to avoid disappointment and ensure you hire reputable and reliable suppliers.

Mistake #4: Overlooking Date Considerations

Synopsis: Selecting a date without considering major sporting events, holidays, or adverse weather conditions can impact the success of your event. Winter events, often discounted, can be spectacular, especially for weddings. Choose a date and time that aligns with your theme and suits your guests’ preferences.

Mistake #5: Delaying Booking for a Better Price

Synopsis: Waiting until the last minute to secure entertainment in hopes of getting a better price is a risky strategy. Quality suppliers are often booked well in advance due to high demand. Consider booking at least 6 months in advance, or even 12-24 months for popular suppliers. Lock in your preferred suppliers with a deposit and ensure you have signed agreements in place to avoid disappointment.

By John Middleton – Authorised Marriage Celebrant, Entertainment Director, Corporate/Wedding DJ and MC. Managing Director and Founder of Middleton Events with over 37,500 award-winning events experience.